I am very lucky, I have to be blind to not see this, because some projects are turning points in a person's life. There are a few projects that I take part in like this;
CAPPADOCIA Revolution of Topography
Vodafone Digital Transformation Summit, Arçelik OLED TV My last project is the CASP Project.a
Although I have been involved in many projects before and after, there is a special aspect of the CASP Project, which is the people, the people you walk together on the same path… When you set up a team that shares the same dream and frequency with you, it is impossible for a perfect job to fail.
In the CASP Project, we've all done a great job, whether it's the entire CASP team (not just three people) and my colleagues, whom I am very excited about.
These kinds of projects are very difficult and long-lasting, they bring great experiences to people.
Of course, other team members are our computers; They also made great efforts for this project, we slept, they did not sleep, they worked for hours, days, weeks without shutting down… They calculated thousands of frame renderings, millions of particles, render engines rendered non-stop.
Finally, they had given us a wonderful gift.​​​​​​​
First of all, I thank my team for having the opportunity to work, to the CAPS Team for trusting us and I also want to thank our computers
These things you see have never been shared and deleted thousands of frames, millions of particles and some shots of tens of scenes,
 I will share all the details and process of the project very soon.
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