This year Kaft commissioned us to create 21 films for their T-shirt series. Its was memorable journey with an amazing team. We built universes at the peaks of our thoughts and followed the stories of characters we met in these worlds.
With HORIZON, the first t–shirt series of the year, we are journaling as we witness the adventure of a couch whose meaning and function are instituted by humans.
Design Story: “I can imagine the person without the couch, but I realized, to think of the couch without the person, I need to become the couch."

E      K      B      A      T      O      P

M     A     R     E     I     U     M

M     O     Y     A     J     I

Client: Kaft 
Campaign Direction & Design: Kaft 
Creative Director: Pırıl Sili 
Creative Producer: Kıvanç Aykan 
Designers: Caner Saral, Fatih Çakır, Kıvanç Aykan, Sercan Altıntaş, Pırıl Sili 
3D Garment Modeller: Kirti Tapodhan 
Concept Designer: Öznur Oluç 
Modellers: Safa Iseri, Göktuğ Demir 
Sound Design: Göktuğ Kayrahan 
Motion Capture: 
Layout Design: Uğurcan Demir
Art Work: Zahit Yavuz
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